About Industrial Research Center


Industrial Research is a science and technology research company with focus on discovering cost-effective use of resources in resolving technological problems of existing industries or development of new products and technologies.

In every research project we seek and implement practical methods with special attention to financial and time restrictions, which is usually associated with every problem.

Our Clients

Our clients include investors, entrepreneurs, small and large manufacturers, industrialists and technology driven businesses who can benefit our expertise and research skills for their projects related to new product developments, new and improved solutions, quality control, waste reduction, finding use for byproducts, new machinery design, packaging, chemical analysis, and reverse engineering.

Manufacturing Projects

The Industrial Research Center is created with the idea of serving entrepreneurs, industrialists, and manufacturers. We do not however sit idle waiting for the inquiries by our potential clients. From time to time we find a high potential manufacturing idea and decide to start it on our own so that we can sell it later as a turn-key project. 

Following are some of our manufacturing projects that have been sold or transferred to other entities.

  • Production of leather bags and cribs for infants.
  • Production of Ferro-Oxalate compounds (Inorganic Aluminum dye”
  • Production of Ammonium Chloride (Flux for tinning)
  • Production of Calcium Chloride for drinking water.
  • Production of laboratory glassware (Condensers, stirring rod, connecting tubes)
  • Production of Mortar and Pestle (Ceramic and glass)
  • Production of Lead Oxide and Lead Acetate
  • Production of Laboratory Equipment (Stands, Clamps, Fume hood, Air filtration systems)
  • Production of personal computers and servers.
  • Production of Science Kits, Educational Kits
  • Production of current stabilizers
  • Custom design and manufacturing of automation systems
  • Production of analytical grade acetates (Ammonium, Nickle, Cobalt)
  • Production of Sulfates (Nickel, Copper, Iron)
  • Cosmetics, soaps and detergents
  • Soldering fluxes


Expansion Plans

Texas is a fast growing state with no state tax for individuals and only 1% state tax for corporations. Many manufacturers are moving to Texas for more friendly regulations and that is a great opportunity for us to provide technology support services. We are now in process of finding a suitable location and needed professionals to establish our base in Texas.

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