Mohammad Hamzeh (Born 1956, Tehran, Iran) had a special interest in Chemistry, Electronics, Biology and Industrial Machinery. He believed that most innovations and inventions are the result of combining multiple branches of science and technology. Because of this belief he continued his studies in different industry related science and technologies during his high school and college education.

Mohammad founded Industrial Research Center in Tehran, Iran in summer of 1980.

This was during the economic turmoil that started after theinstallment of the new Islamic government. During that period, many industries came to a halt due to the interruption of international commerce and loss of access to parts and raw materials. Also during that time, high unemployment rate and shortage of parts and materials became an incentive for many people to start their own businesses or invest on manufacturing whatever was needed.

Of course not everyone is an industrialist and most can benefit from the support of a consultant with knowledge and experience in different industries.

Mohammad’s knowledge of different technologies gave him a cutting edge in tackling varieties of problems by himself while giving him time to assemble a team of engineers and scientists for more extensive projects.

Within its first 10 years, the Industrial Research Center in Tehran had worked on about 1000 manufacturing and research projects. Most projects have been in categories of industrial chemicals, detergents, cosmetics, ceramics and glass, polymers, metallurgy, automation, machine design, electronics, software development and engineering.

In 1990 Mohammad moved to the United States and started industrial research services in New Jersey.

Since its foundation, New Jersey Industrial Research Center has served many individuals and businesses with their technological and scientific needs.

In 2012, Mohammad restructured the company under a new name “Industrial Research, Inc.” in order to expand its services to other states as well as the international market.