Business maker:

We provide know how, consulting, support and training for your future manufacturing business.

Following are some of the areas that we provide consulting while creating your new business.

  1. Market analysis: If you are investing on a new business with the purpose of earning direct profit, market analysis can provide you with information about the market size, history and reliability. such information will help you to decide your investment size and optimize profitability. As your consultant in this process we propose the method and define the requirements and supervise the activities. We will finally help you in analyzing the results and use it in further decisions.
  2. Feasibility studies: For new products or implementing new manufacturing methods or new material or even new production environment, feasibility studies is the first step in preventing big failures. During this process all known requirements for a business will be reviewed and tested to discover any possible hidden problem. You simply want to be sure that what you have in mind is possible and you don’t expect any surprise. Thousands of businesses every year go broke before opening their doors or engaging any business activity at all. Unexpected conditions may completely stop or cause excessive delays in creating a manufacturing plant while fixed expenses continue to exist and accumulate losses. Feasibility studies can reveal about 95% of such conditions, giving us chance to stop or revise our plan.
  3. Pilot plant or sample making:  Depending on the type of products that are being produced and the type of equipment that are being used, you may need to do sample making or design and construct a pilot plant. Sample making and pilot plant help you to discover and remedy any technical problems or simply experiment the production steps in a smaller scale.
  4. Business plan:
  5. Factory Design:
  6. Construction:
  7. Test Drive:
  8. Organization:
  9. Staff training: