We provide engineering, technology and business services you need at different stages of your business. Here are some of our services:

In today’s competitive economy businesses face daily challenges that require educated solutions. We support business owners and managers by providing them with information, research services and engineering services.

You may already have a good idea and just need help with technical aspects of the work. You may need reverse engineering, chemical analysis, setting up a pilot plant, identifying the machinery and equipment, or any other technical, scientific or engineering service to achieve your goal. We help you with all your technical needs.

Reverse engineering

When you need to know how things are made, you will often need chemical analysis to identify a compound, its ingredients and their sources. We operate our own small laboratory and use the advanced equipment of local colleges and universities for our research and chemical analysis projects. 

The era of phone numbers, yellow pages and newspaper advertising is over. Almost all of your marketing, advertising and sales and many other services can be performed online. We are expert in developing high security software for interactive online activities such as e-commerce programs.

We review your business ideas to see if you have sufficient knowledge, market awareness, skills, experience and funds to start it with high chance of success and very low risk. At the same time we determine if we can serve you as your consultant and if you need the services of other experts.

We prepare the quality control procedures you need for your products and help you setup a quality control laboratory along with all necessary tools including forms and labels to simplify your documentation process. We can also train your your existing staff or new hires with your QC procedures.

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You may need someone to finance your project, give you a loan or invest in your business. Either way you need to be able to convince the investor that your business idea has a good chance of success, it is low risk and it can be highly profitable. 

We help you to fine tune your ideas and write a business plan as a guide for yourself and for anyone else who needs to appraise your business idea.