Internet for Industry:

Internet technology is the leading provider of communication and multi-user applications. Now you can observe and control your business and your equipment remotely via the Internet. Turn on the light, turn off a computer, check the temperature or adjust the thermostat in your work place, all from the comfort of your home, anywhere in the world with an access to the Internet.

We provide consulting and development services for advanced internet applications such as e-commerce, multi-user internet based accounting system, customer service applications, Inventory management, reservations, manufacturing and finance.

Our experience related to the Internet hardware and software includes:

  1. Installation and configuration of Internet routers, web servers, domain name servers, email servers, FTP servers in Unix, Linux and NT environment.
  2. Integration of high performance, fault tolerant file and application servers.
  3. Development of small and large CGI programs and ASP programs including Money Transfer Program, Inventory Management, Contact Management, Search Engine, Private messaging and more.
  4. Web/ Database Integration.
  5. Data acquisition and control.

We offer full service with the best e-commerce systems.