Industrial Research is a science and technology research company with focus on discovering cost-effective use of resources in resolving technological problems of existing industries or development of new products and technologies.

In every research project we seek and implement practical methods with special attention to financial and time restrictions, which is usually associated with every problem.

Our clients:

Our clients include investors, entrepreneurs, small and large manufacturers, industrialists and technology driven businesses who can benefit our expertise and research skills for their projects related to new product developments, new and improved solutions, quality control, waste reduction, finding use for byproducts, new machinery design, packaging, chemical analysis, and reverse engineering.


Mohammad Hamzeh, then a recent graduate in Computer Science founded industrial Research Center in 1980 in Tehran. Mohammad also had a special interest in Chemistry, Electronics, Biology and Industrial Machinery. He believed that most innovations and inventions are the result of combining multiple branches of science. He maintained this strategy and continued his studies in different industry related science and technologies. He then started New Jersey Industrial Research Center in 1990. Since it’s foundation, New Jersey Industrial Research Center has served many individuals and businesses with their technological and scientific needs.

Industrial Research, Inc. is formed in 2012 in order to expand our services to other states as well as the international market.


Although the driving force behind foundation of an Industrial research center was to help entrepreneurs, industrialists, and manufacturers, we have found the need to start our own production and manufacturing plants in some cases. Following are some of the products produced in our plants.

Chemicals (Ammonium chloride, Calcium Chloride, Ammonium acetate, Nickel acetate, Cobalt acetate, Lead Oxide, Lead acetate, Copper Sulfate, Nickel Sulfate, Iron Sulfate, Sodium Hydrogen Sulfate, Organic and inorganic dyes, plasticizers and lubricants, UV Stabilizer compounds, Soaps and detergents)

Garment (apparel, Portable mosquito net, Bags and other leather products)

Laboratory glassware (Condensers, Stirrers, Connection tubes, …)

Laboratory equipment (Clamps, stands, …)

Computer Systems

Electronic Circuit

Educational kits

Industrial Research, Inc.

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