Employment opportunities for sales professionals:

We invite technical sales professionals to join the Industrial Research and work with us to identify and serve qualified clients in relation to any of our services.

Sales Professionals Exam and Interview:

During the interview/exam we will test your communication skills (Writing, phone calls, in person visit and presentation) as well as your general technical knowledge. You will be asked about your previous jobs, employers, services and your possible suggestions on enhancing or improving any of your previous work places.

What will you be doing?

You will familiarize yourself with different services of the Industrial Research, Inc.

You will promote and offer our services (Hosted e-commerce, online stores and money transmit software products) to qualified distributors. Assist the clients during the qualification stage, service startup and future upgrades.

You may also offer a turn-key e-commerce service to mid-qualified applicants. Mid-qualified clients are those who can benefit from an e-commerce website; however, we do not anticipate high enough profits to partner with them.