Computer Programming

In 1980 when personal computers were just borne, we were still developing software for IBM and Honeywell mainframe computers. As PCs grew and found practical business applications, we started to develop business applications for PCs and small office networks in 1990s.

Soon Internet access became possible via dial-up access as well as direct connections via copper or fiber optics. At this time we started developing client server applications using scripting languages.

We tried SAS distribution method while it was profitable for our limited and specialized software applications. Soon we switched to developing e-commerce applications. 

If you have new ideas for specialized software applications, we love to hear from you. We can develop programs for internet, small networks, as well as apps for smart-phones and tablets.

When developing web based and network applications, security is our main focus. We do use a double lock idea to secure every online application. The first lock is using the well known and accepted security standards such as data encryption and input sanitization. 

The second lock usually consists of our own encryption algorithms combined with server level and network level access control systems.

Customized Computers

Do you need custom built computers for special applications such as automation and programmable security systems?

Let us know what are your goals and what do you want to achieve to find out what we can do for you.  While building computers or designing specialized hardware is not a part of our day to day job, we continue to keep ourselves up-to-date and ready for incoming inquiries.

Call us. We want to hear your idea and let you know how we can help.

Electronic Circuit Design

Small electronic circuits can sometimes be an inexpensive solution to a major problem. Just 60 years ago street lights were controlled by switches and each switch or group of switches required a dedicated person to turn them on every evening and turn them back off in the morning. Now a small light sensor switch on each street light is taking care of the task. The same was for traffic lights that were controlled by manual switches. Millions of small tasks can become automated by small inexpensive electronic circuits. We design it, make samples for test and finally pass it to a manufacturer to make them for you. Just let us know what is it that you need and we help you to achieve it.